Michiel Rotgans is an Amsterdam-based photographer who specialises in action sports, but also works in areas much broader than this. Michiel is often mentioned as a true all-rounder who organically forms and adapts to the specific requests of an assignment. Spending years winding, shooting and developing film has not only taught him the dos and don’ts of photography but has given him enough experience to spot and capture that perfect shot.

In a recent interview with lifestyle blog Ongetemd Michiel said:

“For me photography is much more then just pushing a single button. To become a good, independent photographer you need the skills of a producer, director, cameraman, editor, and colourist in one single person. I went to art school in New Zealand to study photography. I crawled into the minds of the grandmasters in order to understand how they created the pictures that made them famous. Determination was the answer. Photography isn’t easy; it takes hundreds of thousands of pictures to understand how it works. One thing I quickly realised is that your legs are the most important piece of equipment you have. Excellent pictures take effort; to achieve excellence, you need to get out there and start walking.”
“I started off digital, followed by analogue. Now I use both. Schematically you can divide the field of photography with two axes into four areas. Along one axis you have documented versus directed and on the other natural light versus artificial light. I try to be active in all four areas so my work doesn’t get too one-sided. I buy the latest equipment and construct innovative accessories to push my photography in different directions. New technology and new perspectives ensure that your photography evolves. A creative photographer can turn nothing into something and is never a one trick pony. That’s my personal aim and I think I’m getting there.”

Michiel is working/worked for clients like: Red BullO’Neill, ProtestVansBigairbag, Elan Snowboards, BBB Cycling, Cube BikesPOCSandiskEpidemie, Jack Daniels, IBM, RandstadNowhere, SnowworldTrans-Provence and Soul Media.

His work is featured in magazines and newspapers like: Dirt Mountainbike (UK), Decline Mountainbike (USA),  Singletrack Mountainbike (UK), Mountain Biking UK (UK), Method Snowboard (EUR), Taste Snowboard (NL), UP/DOWN Mountainbike (NL), Freeze Snowboard (BE), SCS Snowboard (BE), Access Kitesurf (NL),  White Freeski(NL) ANWB Reizen (NL), Document Snowboarding (UK), Items Art (NL), De Telegraaf (NL), NRC-Next (NL), Holland Herald inflight magazine (NL) and Fri Flyt Outdoor Magazine (NOR).

Michiel gets support from F-stop camera bags and Mons Royale Underwear and shoots with equipment from Canon and Elinchrom.

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